Monsterball Beach Tournament 2017

A monster way to end your summer!

For the 10th time, Ultimus Prime would like to welcome you to the beautiful beaches of Kijkduin in The Hague, Netherlands for Monsterball 2017!

Beach weather is great in September as the summer comes to an end. We will bring you yet another monster Ultimate experience – with play at every level! Visitors from previous years will vouch for the monster BBQ and beach club theme party, where you can really unleash your creativity.

Monsterball has been titled with the official status of the “Dutch Open Mixed Championship”. This means that the tournament will be strictly mixed (minimal 2 or 3 women on the field at all times).


9 – 10 September, 2017


Beachclub: Parker Beachclub, Kijkduin, The Hague, The Netherlands / Location
Campsite: Vakantiepark Kijkduin (Roompot) / Location

Monsterball takes place at the beach near the beach club Parker. The breakfast, dinner and party will take place at this location as well.


Parker Beachclub
Zuiderstrand 19
strandslag 2, Kijkduin, Den Haag
The Netherlands

The campsite is on walking distance of the beach, at Roompot. It is possible to stay over (Friday and Saturday night) at the campsite Roompot which is in walking distance of the beach club. If you want to make use of this option, you can let us know via the registration form.

There are some extra costs if you use the camp site, which is €10,- per person.


If you want to use public transport, you can take the train and then the bus to Kijkduin:

  • Laan van NOI, bus 23 to Kijkduin (get out at the last stop)
  • Den Haag CS, bus 24 to Kijkduin (get out at the last stop)
  • Den Haag HS, bus 26 to Kijkduin (get out at the last stop)

From the bus stop, it is approximately a 15 minute walk to the beach club.
At Kijkduin it is still possible to park your car for free. Behind the Deltaplein and at the Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan, you can find a parking place. From there it is a 15 and 10 minutes walk to the beach club, respectively.


The tournament is strictly mixed, which means that the amount of women on the field is minimal either two or three. During Monsterball, we are going to play according to the new rules of the WFDF about which team determines the gender ratio. The rules are explained in more detail below,

From the WFDF Rules of Ultimate 2017 Appendix:

A7.3.1. At the start of the game, after the first disc flip, an additional disc flip happens with the winner selecting which end zone is “End zone A”, with the other end zone becoming “End zone B”. At the start of each point the Team that is at End zone A must choose the gender ratio. This process applies for the first half. For the second half, at the start of each point the Team that is at End zone B must choose the gender ratio.

A7.4. Upon request by the opposing team captain, offensive players should await the pull, after signalling readiness, in such a way that the defence can easily determine gender matchups.

Every team will play 6-7 games during the weekend. If the time is over, you will finish the point. There is a hard cap at 15. It is possible to have an equal score.

At the semis, the same rules apply, except for the equal score. If the time is over, the point is finished and the score is equal, you play one more point.

For the final, there is no time cap: the game is played until 13 with a difference of 2 points. There is a hard cap at 15.

For all the games, it is allowed to have one time out for 1 minute. It is not allowed to have this time out in the last five minutes.


This year’s theme will be Monsters!


Put your team on the list by filling out the registration form. To complete your registration, please submit your payment per the instructions below and email We will confirm with you shortly after receipt of your payment. Registration closes 14 August, 2017, and the payment needs to be in before this deadline as well.


Team Fee: € 120
Player’s Fee: € 45

The player fee includes breakfast (Saturday and Sunday), BBQ (Saturday evening), Saturday night costume bash, plenty of Ultimate, and of course lots of sunshine. This does not include the costs of camping.

Camping € 10 per person

This includes 2 nights at the campground. Note that this is a two-night deal and that it is not possible to book for one night through us. The deadline to let us know whether you want to stay at the campground is 14 August.


If you register and pay before 31 July there is a 50% discount on the Team Fee. Please note that the Early Bird only applies if you pay before the Early Bird Deadline! This payment consists of the team fee (€ 60) and at least 5 players (5 x € 45). If you bring a different number of players to the tournament, we can settle difference ahead of the tournament.


Payment is required to confirm your team’s place*. The deadline for payment is Sunday 14 August. The payment should consist of the team fee (€ 120) and at least 5 players (5x€ 45). If you bring a different number of players to the tournament, we can settle the difference ahead of the tournament. After the payment is received, your registration will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Payment details:

Name: Haagse Frisbee Vereniging Ultimus Prime
Account Number: 5355399
IBAN: NL48INGB0005355399

Please include your team name in the transaction.

* In case we reach the maximum number of teams, the order of payment will be taken into account and not the order of registration.


If you cancel your team after you have been confirmed, and if there is no new team available to fill your place, only 50% of the team fee (and 50% of the paid player fees) will be returned.
Note that since the Early Bird is 50% of the team fee, there will be no refund on the team fee in case of cancellation. After 1 September, no returns will be made.